IYEF aims to drive hard on enterprise development channels for youth employment. The skills needed to take an idea and turn it into a thriving reality are not as complicated or mysterious as people believe. Learn them with us and take your first steps towards personal greatness. Our Youth Enterprise Development Programme is a richly layered educational experience that takes passionate achievers from the ages of 18 to 35 and teaches them how to establish a sustainable business. In the first six months of this year-long incubator style programme, participants startup and learn to run sustainable businesses, where they are guided to implement the theory as they learn through the provision of facilitation and support. The students are introduced to an array of entrepreneurial concepts that inspires them and builds their business confidence. The training includes site visits, case studies and guest speakers.

Skills Training

The onset of the journey into entrepreneurship calls for the knowledge of specific skills that underpin the qualities of a successful entrepreneur. IYEF’s set of taught entrepreneurial skills are also a significant asset to youth in job roles that expect them to deliver new business ideas or products. IYEF’s Youth Enterprise Development Programme highlights the essential skills one requires to succeed as an entrepreneur and the resources critical in the development of these skills.

Business Development Support

At IYEF, we acknowledge the hustle small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs experience in developing themselves. We, therefore, also provide young entrepreneurs business development support through counselling sessions that deliver practical skills and business knowledge with keen consideration on accounting and finance. IYEF wholesomely comprehends the various developmental stages experienced by entrepreneurship and such ensures that we provide informed developmental support that uniquely focuses on the challenges faced in each developmental phase. IYEF utilises assistance from highly experienced and qualified business advisors as well as successful entrepreneurs who have practical business experience and expertise.

Market Linkages

IYEF endeavours to realise linkages for competitive and responsible entrepreneurship that foster economic growth and reduce poverty. The market linkages strategy adopted at IYEF exists in a foundation of extensive knowledge of entrepreneurial markets and their dynamics. These market linkages offered at IYEF, therefore, accelerate access to markets for young