IYEF believes in a demand-driven approach to youth employment and hence invests in engaging with different industries for purposes of understanding the needs of employers. IYEF also invests in advocacy with industries to get buy-in for vulnerable categories of youth such as youth with disability, youth with lower academic qualifications and equitable access to opportunities for both genders IYEF has a placement capacity building module put together from the rich experience of experts in the field of placement in the formal and informal sector. Also, IYEF offers placement services for training institutions and youth employment programs that find themselves struggling to link their trainees/beneficiaries with employment opportunities.


Internship placements offered by IYEF together with its private sector partners provide highly motivated youth critical exposure to the mission, vision, and work dynamics of the various organisations. The youth, therefore, get to bring their new perspectives, innovative ideas, and latest research experience to the private sector’s works and improve their skills while working in these diverse environments. IYEF emphasises the youth’s ability to gain practical experience, build and enhance their CVs, and enjoy the rewards and interestingness of interning with private sector companies.

Labour Market Information

The possibility of building a career in any field stems from the comprehension of the labour market. Labour market information includes all data concerning labour supply and demand, job outlook and demographics of the labour force. IYEF assists youth at the exploration phase of their career planning process ensuring they find answers to questions such as industries that explore people in their preferred occupation, the expected earning, required training and education levels among others.


IYEF offers an elaborate mentorship program where the youth are paired with mentors who will guide them through their career path. This support from mentors equips the youth with essential tools, skills, knowledge, and understanding to be the change that they want. They then see an opportunity to directly apply that which they’ve learned in their daily life and career challenges. IYEF’s mentorship program allows participants to better understand themselves, their values, and their strengths and how they connect with their career preference. Last but not least, the participants learn the virtue of persistence in the dealing of tough and unexpected life and career occurrences.