We are passionate about a future where the youth emphasise the digital economy. We, therefore, endeavour to prepare the youth for this future. In accordance with 2030 SDG 8 of the United Nations that focuses on decent work for the youth, we purpose to provide the youth with a robust platform that highlights innovativeness and evidence-based training facilities to realise decent job opportunities for the youth. Our primary thematic area is digital skills for our youth. The embodiment of these critical skills in our youth will heighten their capabilities to prioritise the job opportunities within the digital economy.

Digital Skills

Owing to today’s increasing technological advancement, digital technology has and will continue to revolutionise how we work. Youth that lacks the vital digital skills continue to lag behind. These critical skills are as simple as answering emails, uploading a document to a company’s google drive. IYEF acknowledges that more needs to be done to ensure the digital skills gap doesn’t become a skills crisis. Therefore, at IYEF, we value creating a digital culture among the youth by equipping them with the right skills, both the easy and technical ones. Youth that goes through IYEF’s digital skills programmes stand to benefit in several ways in their career paths.

TVET Skills

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has been gaining its popularity and considered as the driving force for sustainable development. The youth ought to enhance their TVET skills if they are to take advantage of the enormous potential of TVET to impact their career development. IYEF plays a significant role in equipping the youth with these TVET skills essential as they enter the employment world, enhancing their employability throughout their careers. IYEF collects and shares information with major TVET institutions that ensure new and better technologies are adopted to improve and expand TVET skills training.

Soft Skills

Most human-to-human interactions require some level of soft skills as it may be that you are trying to negotiate a contract, present your new idea to colleagues, or network for a new job. Soft skills are an essential tool in everyday life occurrences and developing them will assist you to win more business deals, accelerate your career progression, and form better relationships with others. At IYEF, we acknowledge that soft skills, for instance, emotional intelligence are hard to automate and unlikely to become automated soon. Therefore, such a skill is a priority at IYEF due to its likelihood of becoming more desirable soon.